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Mystery - 18th December, 2014
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Bit of a filler today. I've got a couple of pages planned for the next couple of weeks.
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16 Dec 14, 10:16
E.E. says:
This looks so cool. For example, Miki!
3 Dec 14, 13:47
E.E. says:
The choke lever snapped off my motorbike today, and I just realised I've lost the fleur-de-lys off my keychain *sadface*
27 Nov 14, 23:22
Isegrim says: hold still Esch...
27 Nov 14, 23:21
Isegrim says:
(that's.. genius!)
27 Nov 14, 23:21
Isegrim says:
Waitamminit... if it's a gel... that means it has to be applied to the whole body to work, right?
22 Nov 14, 10:08
MikeL says:
"Life is full of wonder when you're just a little bit crazy." How true. I love Miki ! :)
21 Nov 14, 21:06
Isegrim says: DOES make you wonder, y'know.
2 Nov 14, 22:51
E.E. says:
I just liked the idea that she's wearing horns in addition to her own horns.
1 Nov 14, 15:51
MikeL says:
Your Hallowe'en cartoon was great. Poor Miki. I want to tell her that it really won't be 666 years. :)
27 Oct 14, 10:04
MikeL says:
Congratulations! That project has been a real bear. :)
11 Oct 14, 09:49
E.E. says:
Well, it's taken tw 16-hour days of crunch-time, but my project at work is finally on-line. (it's not FINISHED, but it's online). Hopefully time to relax a little.
10 Oct 14, 08:31
E.E. says:
You know you're working too late and/or early when you arrive in the morning and the office is still warm from the night before.
9 Oct 14, 22:38
Isegrim says:
We srsly need to betaplay that game, heh. Makes me grin just thinking about it.
3 Oct 14, 21:47
Isegrim says:
Sheesh... and I even took a shower...
25 Sep 14, 20:12
MikeL says:
hey it is ok ... just want you to know that i really think Wrath of the Sunbeam is a good story ... don't fret and do all that real world stuff ... it is worth waiting for i am sure :)
22 Sep 14, 07:54
E.E. says:
Hi MikeL. Thanks for your concern :) I'm afraid I've been stuck on a huge project at work for the last few months and free time is hard to find. I desperately hope to get to grips with stuff as soon as my clients get their act together.
21 Sep 14, 18:56
MikeL says:
hey wait you say Wrath of the Sunbeam is back on track? I dont think there have been any updates in a long long time mike and jack have kicked butt but little miss sunbeam is still about to blow. please finish this literary classsic in the making :)
18 Sep 14, 13:34
Mara Smaragd says:
Murrrrr!!! I like my cards! *beams* But umm.. not so sure if Ise got his wish-list cardwise. =P
15 Sep 14, 22:45
MikeL says:
"Behold! Your doom!" I can't wait to see Miki's drawing. Launch the assault upon Silverstone!
15 Sep 14, 17:24
Mara Smaragd says:
Update time?! :P
11 Sep 14, 22:51
MikeL says:
Hope u r enjoying Silverstone. Sorry no one told u 2 upload the new comix. Have fun and come back soon, :)
5 Sep 14, 12:15
Isegrim says:
Coz I knew y'd be making fun of me =P
2 Sep 14, 23:06
E.E. says:
Ack, I forgot to upload last week's comic! Why didn't anybody say anything?
29 Aug 14, 23:06
E.E. says:
I'm off to Silverstone tomorrow to watch the Bike Racing. Vroom!
29 Aug 14, 23:05
E.E. says:
Thanks, MikeL!
24 Aug 14, 02:14
MikeL says:
you make me happy with this strip ... also read the Crystal hall fanfic
2 Aug 14, 20:21
Isegrim says:
(grr, that Jack.. he gets all the girls!)
2 Aug 14, 20:20
Isegrim says:
just back from holibobs, to find .. this! That looks ace!
25 Jul 14, 12:44
Mara Smaragd says:
That turned out great! Love the drawing style <3
25 Jul 14, 09:20
E.E. says:
I'm making a shield. Not a real one, it'll only stop nerf-darts. Is looking pretty cool so far, though. I'll post pictures when it's finished.
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