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Desperate Filler - 26th April, 2016
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My life is in a weird and shitty place right now, and motivation is super-low. I'm trying to get myself back into gear, trying a bunch of things to clear my head.
  • Doodling random stuff (see above).
  • Planted some vegetables (yellow peppers and tomatoes).
  • Elite: Dangerous (flying a python round Rugai).
  • Clearing up my workshop.
  • Lego robots.
  • Baking (some of it edible).
In the meantime, here's some new pics of characters related to a long-ago creative project: Galaxy Corps - the Blade of Fire. Some of you will remember the project, but not these characters, because this is all new stuff I'm running in a roleplay with Isegrim/BigBadWoof.
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5 May 16, 02:13
MikeL says:
Sorry you are feeling down. TY 4 the new page. Hugs and Kisses. :)
5 May 16, 02:12
MikeL says:
Bet you we all want to know everything about all your projects.
27 Apr 16, 08:56
E.E. says:
If anybody wants to know more about these characters, let me know. :)
12 Apr 16, 00:29
MikeL says:
tyvm 4 telling us ... i was worried about you. Take all the time you need. Love, me. :)
7 Apr 16, 22:11
E.E. says:
Okay, so, first up, I'm not dead. Apologies to everybody visiting this last couple of weeks, but recently stuff's completely drained my motivation and I just can't seem to get moving. I've got a comic page half-drawn, a new website 10% done, (yay, new website) and a bunch of creative stuff I want to share but can't seem to focus on.
We will be back, and the site isn't going offline. I'll post up some proper information soon, along with the last couple of pages of the doomshield-rampage story.
Thanks for your patience.
5 Apr 16, 22:38
MikeL says:
Just checking in :)
22 Mar 16, 22:39
E.E. says:
I love the nomination idea. I'm definately gonna do that.
22 Mar 16, 21:26
Isegrim says:
*looks hopeful*
22 Mar 16, 21:25
Isegrim says:
yeahr.. and as for that chest infection, I hear a nice long massage really helps!
22 Mar 16, 01:18
MikeL says:
Hey, it's an honor just to be nominated!
22 Mar 16, 01:17
MikeL says:
OK then, let's nominate E.E. for the Nobel Peace prize! I understand anyone can nominate anyone and you can put the nomination on your resume! :)
22 Mar 16, 01:15
MikeL says:
Don't apologize! Save your strength for getting well soon :)
10 Mar 16, 20:54
E.E. says:
Running late again this week. Got a bit of a chest infection. Apologies.
9 Mar 16, 08:55
E.E. says:
A nice sentiment, but I fear that's one of those 'zero multiplied by x' problems.
7 Mar 16, 22:18
MikeL says:
I have an idea: let's nominate Verity's Ark for an Oscar AND an Academy Award! Twice the chance of winning! Sweet! :)
3 Mar 16, 00:05
Isegrim says:
Where's the beef? =P
1 Mar 16, 22:26
Isegrim says:
Not that we're getting any...
29 Feb 16, 19:47
E.E. says:
I just found out today that the Oscars and the Academy Awards are the same thing.
26 Feb 16, 19:57
E.E. says:
Quickie game review: Ride
Unplayable. Hint to developers - ride a motorbike sometime.
25 Feb 16, 14:16
Mordenheim says:
Ohhhh no, THAT's a mistake...
19 Feb 16, 04:21
Mordenheim says:
Damn! U.O
18 Feb 16, 22:44
Isegrim says:
oh ouch
18 Feb 16, 22:29
Isegrim says:
.. it didn't end well.
18 Feb 16, 22:29
Isegrim says:
Jack says a guy once called her double-Doomshield. For obvious reasons.
18 Feb 16, 12:33
Mordenheim says:
Doom will wreck your face.
18 Feb 16, 12:23
E.E. says:
Got another full page nearly done. Thank you for your patience.
15 Feb 16, 11:45
E.E. says:
Wow, the site is scripted to show valentine's day wallpaper. Super-inappropriate. *laughs*
13 Feb 16, 09:18
Isegrim says:
.. got it, thanks Esch ! :)
12 Feb 16, 22:28
E.E. says:
Whee, page complete. Is anybody interested in seeing the original (double size) versions of these pics?
11 Feb 16, 18:20
E.E. says:
Comic is going well. Inks are 85% done. Should hopefully have something to post either late tonight or tomorrow morning!
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