Verity's Ark: a furry webcomic featuring Escher, Isegrim Wolf, Miki the imp, and more.
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Warm Welcome - 17th April, 2014
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Lacrymosa has her own brand of laconic bitchiness. It's probably going to get her killed.
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3 Apr 14, 22:26
E.E. says:
Running a bit late with this week's comic. Work's been hectic. Should be online tomorrow!
20 Mar 14, 19:39
Mara Smaragd says:
*softly sings to herself, pausing a moment to admire the rainbow she's just painted on the side of Escher's house... then turns away with a grin as she starts to tidy away the spraypaint*
19 Mar 14, 21:08
E.E. says:
Finally went to see the Lego Movie. Everything is awesome!
6 Mar 14, 20:09
Isegrim says:
5 Mar 14, 20:01
E.E. says:
Camping online would have been safer...
3 Mar 14, 21:18
Isegrim says:
Camping... like in Q3a...?
13 Feb 14, 16:34
Mara Smaragd says:
Awww! You crushed him, again! =P
7 Feb 14, 13:35
E.E. says:
The title on the newspaper should say 'NEWS', by the way.
4 Feb 14, 21:28
Isegrim says:
.. sounds iffy to me... I mean I like Jack... and wolf, well DUH... but a guy called Wolfskin..? What'd he do, strip and steal one? Ew. And grr. Still, like the clothes. Coz of the paw. Me, simple? Yeah. Heh.
31 Jan 14, 08:37
E.E. says:
Designed a T-shirt, but can't get it made because apparently Jack Wolfskin's trademark means they'll sue anybody that uses any kind of animal pawprint in any context. Thanks, Jack Wolfskin, I had no idea you could trademark a concept that broad.
15 Jan 14, 15:51
E.E. says:
Am struggling with a crippling creative block, but we've got a few ideas, and the comic should be back in action resume soonish. Apologies for the lack of updates.
1 Jan 14, 19:32
E.E. says:
No comic tomorrow, I'm putting the comic on 'irregular updates' for a little while.
26 Dec 13, 15:02
the digitalmouse says:
glad you are still doing the comic! *goes back through old material*
25 Dec 13, 08:11
E.E. says:
Merry Christmas everybody. Woke up this morning with no voice *croak* so it's gonna be weird this morning.
24 Dec 13, 08:32
E.E. says:
Those are the most relevant ones I have pictures of. You'll just have to trust me when I say that Miki is a devilish little kid.
23 Dec 13, 22:57
mrtt says:
In the first one I thought she was helping distribute presents. Second one is technically not "this year" and was more of a thoughtcrime (she didn't go through with it).
22 Dec 13, 09:28
E.E. says:
There was the time she tried to steal the presents and the time she tried to ambush Santa, as a couple of examples.
22 Dec 13, 00:24
mrtt says:
when has she actually been bad?
20 Dec 13, 15:55
Timeheart says:
Well, she probably tried.
20 Dec 13, 06:51
E.E. says:
She's the best there is at what she does.
19 Dec 13, 23:03
Mara Smaragd says:
Well.... Miki -has- been good... at being BAD! :D
19 Dec 13, 20:15
Isegrim says:
15 Dec 13, 07:26
Isegrim says:
..time flies when y're having fun, hah. Although tbh I think I rolled into Quake first, somewhere after Doom came out.
12 Dec 13, 08:21
E.E. says:
Doom is 20 years old? Who remembers when it was new?
5 Dec 13, 09:39
E.E. says:
@Sabe: So sorry, Sabe, lost control of my email account (thanks hotmail) and finally got control this morning. I see Conrad's been retired - probably for the best. Apologise to the others for me? :(
2 Dec 13, 23:57
mittfh says:
You've just got your first TWC vote of the month :)
23 Nov 13, 04:38
SabreCat says:
Hey Esch, we miss you on Storium! Come back and make a move!
16 Nov 13, 13:50
Isegrim says:
ehh.. wait, what?
2 Nov 13, 13:34
Isegrim says:
uh oh... um, I hope she managed to escape...
31 Oct 13, 08:49
E.E. says:
Happy halloween, kids!
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