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Halloween Calendar - 30th October, 2014
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Poor Miki's taken the role of 'the gullible one'. It's not her fault she doesn't know how dates work. Or numbers.
On the plus side, this is one night when she can go out dressed as a devil-girl.
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27 Oct 14, 10:04
MikeL says:
Congratulations! That project has been a real bear. :)
11 Oct 14, 09:49
E.E. says:
Well, it's taken tw 16-hour days of crunch-time, but my project at work is finally on-line. (it's not FINISHED, but it's online). Hopefully time to relax a little.
10 Oct 14, 08:31
E.E. says:
You know you're working too late and/or early when you arrive in the morning and the office is still warm from the night before.
9 Oct 14, 22:38
Isegrim says:
We srsly need to betaplay that game, heh. Makes me grin just thinking about it.
3 Oct 14, 21:47
Isegrim says:
Sheesh... and I even took a shower...
25 Sep 14, 20:12
MikeL says:
hey it is ok ... just want you to know that i really think Wrath of the Sunbeam is a good story ... don't fret and do all that real world stuff ... it is worth waiting for i am sure :)
22 Sep 14, 07:54
E.E. says:
Hi MikeL. Thanks for your concern :) I'm afraid I've been stuck on a huge project at work for the last few months and free time is hard to find. I desperately hope to get to grips with stuff as soon as my clients get their act together.
21 Sep 14, 18:56
MikeL says:
hey wait you say Wrath of the Sunbeam is back on track? I dont think there have been any updates in a long long time mike and jack have kicked butt but little miss sunbeam is still about to blow. please finish this literary classsic in the making :)
18 Sep 14, 13:34
Mara Smaragd says:
Murrrrr!!! I like my cards! *beams* But umm.. not so sure if Ise got his wish-list cardwise. =P
15 Sep 14, 22:45
MikeL says:
"Behold! Your doom!" I can't wait to see Miki's drawing. Launch the assault upon Silverstone!
15 Sep 14, 17:24
Mara Smaragd says:
Update time?! :P
11 Sep 14, 22:51
MikeL says:
Hope u r enjoying Silverstone. Sorry no one told u 2 upload the new comix. Have fun and come back soon, :)
5 Sep 14, 12:15
Isegrim says:
Coz I knew y'd be making fun of me =P
2 Sep 14, 23:06
E.E. says:
Ack, I forgot to upload last week's comic! Why didn't anybody say anything?
29 Aug 14, 23:06
E.E. says:
I'm off to Silverstone tomorrow to watch the Bike Racing. Vroom!
29 Aug 14, 23:05
E.E. says:
Thanks, MikeL!
24 Aug 14, 02:14
MikeL says:
you make me happy with this strip ... also read the Crystal hall fanfic
2 Aug 14, 20:21
Isegrim says:
(grr, that Jack.. he gets all the girls!)
2 Aug 14, 20:20
Isegrim says:
just back from holibobs, to find .. this! That looks ace!
25 Jul 14, 12:44
Mara Smaragd says:
That turned out great! Love the drawing style <3
25 Jul 14, 09:20
E.E. says:
I'm making a shield. Not a real one, it'll only stop nerf-darts. Is looking pretty cool so far, though. I'll post pictures when it's finished.
10 Jul 14, 22:43
Isegrim says:
(like, everywhere)
10 Jul 14, 22:42
Isegrim says:
.. and instead of schrapnel, you get... splinters.
4 Jul 14, 21:21
Isegrim says:
(if you survive the sharks...)
4 Jul 14, 20:59
Isegrim says:
*grins* .. it's worth the booty, though.
27 Jun 14, 07:53
mittfh says:
Oh my... Boogie Knight dancing to the Bee Gees... "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, stayin' alive, stayin' alive..."
24 Jun 14, 14:45
E.E. says:
Lots of good movies out at the moment...
20 May 14, 18:58
E.E. says:
Indeed, 'Wrath of the Sunbeam' is back on track at the Whateley Academy Forum.
20 May 14, 07:12
mittfh says:
Meanwhile, I've noticed a couple of updates to your Whateley fanfic "Sunbeam" - and we've finally reached the climatic day itself! :)
16 May 14, 22:23
Isegrim says:
.. Miki looks cool, heh.
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