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Reality bites - 5th March, 2015
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Ah, good old hatred. The best motivator.
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5 Mar 15, 18:34
Mike L says:
'Vere are der drugs?' '9!' '"Nein?" So you von't talk, huh?' BANG! 'Hey, Boss! Ve found der drugs in room number 9!' Oops!
28 Feb 15, 01:10
Isegrim says:
Yeah. harsh learning curve. Ouch.
6 Feb 15, 08:32
Isegrim says:
25 Jan 15, 23:41
Isegrim says:
I was... too busy staring... o.O"
23 Jan 15, 16:30
MikeL says:
She's not twerking, she is twerping! I am shocked that Isegrim didn't have a comment on that lol :)
13 Jan 15, 22:14
Isegrim says:
.. I vote we make a movie ;P
13 Jan 15, 22:10
Isegrim says:
Haw, that's way cool!
13 Jan 15, 21:34
E.E. says:
A quick experiment in 3D: go check out Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
13 Jan 15, 09:15
E.E. says:
My central monitor is black, while the two older units have a silver bezel. Looks like a job for spraypaint!
8 Jan 15, 09:23
E.E. says:
Retail therapy doesn't work online. It only lasts a few minutes before I realise that my stuff hasn't arrived, And then I go and order something else.
3 Jan 15, 22:50
E.E. says:
OMG, Quake 3 Arena with 3D glasses!
3 Jan 15, 03:10
MikeL says:
another typo ... MIKI never fails to provoke thought and amuse! MIKI, not MIKE. Mike sometimes amuses but rarely provokes thought lol Happy New Year!
3 Jan 15, 03:08
MikeL says:
OMG if my suggestion convinced you to finish Wrath of Sunbeam .... wow. See, Mom and Dad, I actually DID accomplish something!
2 Jan 15, 22:57
didi says:
1 Jan 15, 13:39
Mara Smaragd says:
Happy New Year! <3
1 Jan 15, 13:25
Isegrim says:
YEAH! Happy New Year everybody!
31 Dec 14, 10:38
E.E. says:
You make a very good point, MikeL. I put a lot of time and effort into that story... I shall finish it! Resolution Accepted! (also, thanks for the praise ! :)
28 Dec 14, 15:39
MikeL says:
only a suggestted New Year's Resolution: conclusion of "Wrath of Sunbeam" which you have brought up to the climactic moments and is SO wonderfully imagined and well-written :)
27 Dec 14, 14:54
MikeL says:
oops typo "Merry Xmas TO all and a Happy new Year" :)
25 Dec 14, 10:20
MikeL says:
Mike never fails to provoke thought and amuse merry Xmas E.E. and all and a Happy New Year
16 Dec 14, 10:16
E.E. says:
This looks so cool. For example, Miki!
3 Dec 14, 13:47
E.E. says:
The choke lever snapped off my motorbike today, and I just realised I've lost the fleur-de-lys off my keychain *sadface*
27 Nov 14, 23:22
Isegrim says: hold still Esch...
27 Nov 14, 23:21
Isegrim says:
(that's.. genius!)
27 Nov 14, 23:21
Isegrim says:
Waitamminit... if it's a gel... that means it has to be applied to the whole body to work, right?
22 Nov 14, 10:08
MikeL says:
"Life is full of wonder when you're just a little bit crazy." How true. I love Miki ! :)
21 Nov 14, 21:06
Isegrim says: DOES make you wonder, y'know.
2 Nov 14, 22:51
E.E. says:
I just liked the idea that she's wearing horns in addition to her own horns.
1 Nov 14, 15:51
MikeL says:
Your Hallowe'en cartoon was great. Poor Miki. I want to tell her that it really won't be 666 years. :)
27 Oct 14, 10:04
MikeL says:
Congratulations! That project has been a real bear. :)
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