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Let's hear it for the droid - 21st May, 2015
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Eustace chewed her lip for a moment, running some numbers through her head.

'I'm gonna need to cook up some more synthi-flesh.' she decided. 'You guys take a lot of covering.'

Four tilted its head. 'I've studied your original designs, and developed some improvements. The costs should be manageable, if you can avoid unnecessary wastage.'


'You used a lot of material on Reese, for a purely cosmetic appendage. My proposed design does not require that feature.'

Eustace blushed. 'Uh, yeah. That said, do you really need these? It's kind of... up front.'

'The torso reconfiguration is necessary. I have optimised the internal arrangement to suit, and while the new chassis must inevitably suffer a reduction in armour plating, the pectoral modules will offer some additional protection to the components within.'

'Pectoral modules.' Eustace sighed. 'I think we say it like it is, Four. These are breasts. This new chassis is female.'


Eustace's glance flicked to the dimensions of the proposed upgrade. 'Well, she's no ballerina, but whatever. I just wanted to be sure this is what you really want.'

Four drew itself up straight. 'You still think of us as the machines you built, but we're not those robots anymore. We're growing up, and one by one we will choose our own destinies. This is mine, and I need your help to make it happen.'

The inventor flicked through the schematics one more time. Four's improvements made Reese look like a clumsy prototype. 'Okay,' she agreed. 'I'll do it.'
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22 May 15, 01:46
mrttao says:
Now I get the sorta. she named him biscuit, he wants to be named 4
16 May 15, 23:02
MikeL says:
Please take it easy and get well soon. Best Wishes. :)
15 May 15, 09:33
E.E. says:
Actually managed a night's sleep last night. Hoping the coughing will stop soonish.
13 May 15, 22:09
E.E. says:
This week's comic is going to be late. I've been pretty poorly, spitting up blood. Urrgh.
29 Apr 15, 13:22
E.E. says:
Ise and I have been playing Elite:dangerous, and having a blast. Literally.
10 Apr 15, 19:30
MikeL says:
GRRR! MIKI and Jack! Not Mike, MIKI! LOL
10 Apr 15, 19:29
MikeL says:
P.S. I hope we see the completion of your wonderful Wraith of the Sunbeam showcase of Mike and Jack. Thank you very much.
10 Apr 15, 19:27
MikeL says:
I can't blame you for not doing this forever just for our entertainment but I am very grateful for the strips you have done. I hope you find another creative outlet for us to follow you on. I will truly enjoy this next year. :)
9 Apr 15, 23:47
Isegrim says:
(like, I'm seriously gonna abuse this x-ray vision thing...)
9 Apr 15, 23:45
Isegrim says:
.. heh... don't think for a moment our adventures are over...
2 Apr 15, 23:19
Isegrim says:
.. I'll just go with sneaky... @.@"
30 Mar 15, 22:48
E.E. says:
Be thankful, she could be a lot worse...
28 Mar 15, 19:57
Isegrim says:
28 Mar 15, 19:56
Isegrim says:
*tries to think of one*
28 Mar 15, 19:56
Isegrim says:
.. 's okay, she has redeeming qualities...
28 Mar 15, 13:25
MikeL says:
Miki is really being mean to that poor wolf. C'mon, Miki!
27 Mar 15, 17:37
Isegrim says:
O.O ...yessss.....
27 Mar 15, 05:36
mrtt says:
through walls? can he also see through clothes then?
19 Mar 15, 15:44
Mike L says:
That is a tough one. I am not really famous for anything. I have been defense counsel in some criminal cases in which Ii was pleased with my efforts and the outcome but "claim to fame" would be pushing it.
17 Mar 15, 22:47
Isegrim says:
16 Mar 15, 21:09
E.E. says:
Quick question, everybody: What's your claim to fame?
15 Mar 15, 20:56
Isegrim says:
heh.. wellll... BMW drivers rarely use em =P
14 Mar 15, 15:23
Mike L says:
i am dense or something. why do BMW indicator bulbs never wear out?
5 Mar 15, 18:34
Mike L says:
'Vere are der drugs?' '9!' '"Nein?" So you von't talk, huh?' BANG! 'Hey, Boss! Ve found der drugs in room number 9!' Oops!
28 Feb 15, 01:10
Isegrim says:
Yeah. harsh learning curve. Ouch.
6 Feb 15, 08:32
Isegrim says:
25 Jan 15, 23:41
Isegrim says:
I was... too busy staring... o.O"
23 Jan 15, 16:30
MikeL says:
She's not twerking, she is twerping! I am shocked that Isegrim didn't have a comment on that lol :)
13 Jan 15, 22:14
Isegrim says:
.. I vote we make a movie ;P
13 Jan 15, 22:10
Isegrim says:
Haw, that's way cool!
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